Jewelers & Luxury Stores

Jewelry and luxury stores have security challenges coming from many fronts. The risk of robbery, theft, shoplifting and burglary are constant threats that the jewelry or luxury storeowner has to face and deal with however they also MUST provide an “upscale” and comfortable environment for the clientele. Most owners of these types of stores are not interested in having a uniformed off duty police officer patrolling the premises during the day due to the negative perceptions (not to mention the high annual costs).

jewelery-storeAt Installations we can assist you in developing a state of the art security system that is unobtrusive yet very effective. From high quality bullet and shatter resistant windows on the perimeter of your building to prevent burglaries to high quality bullet resistant show cases and partitions to controlled entry systems we have the solutions to give you piece of mind, the best quality security available and the comfortable and customer friendly environment you desire. As a retrofit to your current operation or as part of a remodel or new construction, Installations’ team of engineers and design staff will assist you from start to finish in implementing the level of security that will give you the peace of mind that your staff, customers and other assets are protected to the level that they deserve and is required.

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