Government & Municipal

img-governmentGovernment and municipal buildings such as police stations and courthouses face challenges that are in most cases very different than those seen in a bank or convenience store. The primary difference is that people do not enter municipal facilities to perpetrate a robbery, however they are there in many cases to a place for citizens voice concerns. History has indicated that in some instances they can be irrational and extremely angry and sometimes armed and dangerous.

At Installations Inc., we offer bullet resistant solutions that meet all UL standards and requirements while still providing for an inviting and business like environment for the community as a whole. Our systems can be designed to prevent penetration of projectiles ranging from a 9mm to .44 Magnum rounds. Our trained bullet resistant product experts will meet with you and work with you to design the safest most ascetically pleasing bullet resistant system based on your needs, requirements and architectural design. Our systems can be incorporated as part of a new construction process, a remodel or as a retrofit to your existing interior design.

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