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img-aboutusInstallations, Inc. is a leader in bullet resistant security enclosures. With over 30 years’ experience, we can help you protect your employees when a violent robbery occurs (and in many instances deter the crime from happening) by custom manufacturing a bandit barrier or other bullet resistant products that meets your facilities architectural design and security needs. Among bullet resistant product manufacturers, Installations, Inc. is the most experienced and innovative manufacturer in the industry.

Why you may hear about “bullet proof” products or glass from our competitors, bullet proof glass claims should be questioned. A truly bullet proof product or solution does not exist. The bullet protection you see in banks and gas stations actually is not bullet proof. It is bullet resistant. Learn more about Bulletproof or Bullet Proof claims compared to bullet resistant claims.


Specializing in the fabrication and installation of bullet resistant (bullet proof) security enclosures (Bandit Barriers), Installations, Inc. has been in business since 1977. We offer our clients a full product line of bullet resistant security accessories, bullet resistant fiberglass armor and bullet resistant glazing materials to custom fabricate appealing, user-friendly Bandit Barriers. We offer custom solutions that meet your specific needs. Installations has fabricated and installed in over 15,000 projects nationwide.

Explore our industry-leading bullet proof product section and review our bandit barriers specifications. View a sampling of finished bullet resistant glass systems in the bullet resistant glass photo gallery. We offer a full line of bullet resistant glazing options, bullet resistant fiberglass armor, bullet resistant doors, bullet resistant package exchange units, bullet resistant transaction windows of various protection levels. We also provide complete bullet resistant framing systems. 


At Installations Inc., we use the very best materials available and have been responsible for many of the modern innovations and designs in the industry. We have invested heavily in technology to provide our clients with a custom-engineered bandit barrier or bullet resistant solution that best suits their needs.

Stages of our Process

  • Site Survey and Consultation with Client
  • Risk Based Formalized Recommendations
  • Proposal and Pricing
  • Installation Planning
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Installation Review and Inspection with Client

We do not outsource any step of the design, fabrication or installation processes. If you contact us directly, we stay with you for each step of your project. We invest in high-quality manufacturing methods and personnel, which better ensures you get precision workmanship and a high quality end product.

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