Shot Bank Teller Sues

By John Murray 10/24/08

“Katherin Shuffield was five or six months pregnant when a robber walked into the Huntington National Bank branch where she worked as a teller and shot her in the abdomen. The injury would lead to the deaths of the twins she was carrying.

But Shuffield and her husband don't think the gunman was the only one responsible for what happened on that day six months ago.

The Franklin couple have filed a lawsuit in Marion Superior Court that says the bank was negligent because it ignored a history of robberies and provided too little security at the branch on Indianapolis' Far Eastside.

That same branch had been robbed seven to 10 times, the lawsuit states.

Specifically, the suit says the bank provided employees with only basic robbery training, didn't install bulletproof glass and failed to provide security officers. The branch had three silent alarm buttons, it says, but none at Shuffield's station.

Shuffield, 30, was working April 22 at the branch at 2030 N. Post Road when a robber shot her in the abdomen. She has said her first thought was of the babies.
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Two days later — after surgery to repair her own injuries — Shuffield went into labor. One daughter, Franchesca, was stillborn. The other, Katherin, died several hours after birth.” Click to read the full story, “Teller who was shot sues bank” at


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